Enrolment is the process by which a student nominates the unit(s) selected for study in a given semester or year.

Enrolment into a unit or units is accompanied by an application for admission into the actual course of study. This application for admission should be made by contacting the Registrar directly via telephone or email by the end of January (for entry in Semester 1). Late applications may still be considered but only after consultation with the Registrar and at the discretion of St Andrew's.

Enrolment takes place in conversation with the Registrar who is responsible for guiding the student’s study pathway. Students are also expected to complete an enrolment form as part of this process.

Tuition fees are charged on a semester basis, as the majority of units run for only a semester. Payment of fees completes the enrolment process without which a student may not be permitted to attend class or access their distance education unit(s).

Students wishing to vary an enrolment must consult the Registrar before the end of Week 2 of the semester in question, whilst also bearing in mind the advertised Census Date.

 Enrolment Form.