Dean's Welcome

The aims of the College were briefly yet succinctly outlined by the Dean, His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos of Australia, during his address at the Official Opening on 23 February 1986:

The establishment of the first Orthodox Theological College in the Southern Hemisphere is not and could not be simply an achievement of an ethnic group or of a denomination. Orthodoxy does not represent a certain number of Christians, a mere part of historical Christendom or an ideology dictated by geographical, racial or political conditions.

Orthodoxy is the faithful continuation of the undivided Christian Church of the first millennium, as decisively expressed in the Ecumenical Councils. Orthodoxy is a precious legacy for all of us. As such it belongs to all Christians and, through them, to the whole of mankind.

This is why the importance of the College is expressed not so much through the term "Theological" as through the qualification "Orthodox". The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia had many years ago felt that its faithful would not be properly served and would not be creatively integrated in this multicultural and polyethnic society unless a Theological College were to be established. Yet the realisation of such a sacred ambition was far beyond our actual resources

Theology in Christianity cannot be a subject of individual thought and activities. Theology is the deeper breathing of the whole Church body as enlightened by the Holy Spirit who is promised only in the plurality of Church communion, and not in the isolation of the individual scholar. Our theology is accordingly traditional, biblical, liturgical, and in one word, ecclesiastical, otherwise it cannot be regarded as the fruit of the Holy Spirit ...

We hope to be enabled to serve in a creative way not only our Church but also Australia and the universal society of peace, reconciliation, justice and sanctification which is God's ultimate will for His entire world (Published in the Voice of Orthodoxy, March 1986, pp. 22-23).