St Andrew’s aspires to be a leading centre for research and scholarship in Orthodox theology.

The College is committed to the set of research values which it shares with the Sydney College of Divinity.

In its commitment to research and scholarship, St Andrew’s:

  • Publishes its own peer-reviewed, bi-annual journal, Phronema. The journal features both local and international contributions from scholars in the fields of Patristic Studies, Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, Church History, Biblical Studies and Ancient Languages. Since 2010, the second issue of each yearly volume has been fully dedicated to proceedings from the Patristic Symposia held by the College.
  • Hosts its Patristic Symposia, the first of which was held in 2009. These are interdisciplinary in their approach and attract speakers from all over Australia and abroad who are interested in engaging with the Fathers of the Church. So far, the Patristic Symposia have examined the lives and works of the major representatives of the Cappadocian and Alexandrian traditions. This thematic cycle was crowned by the 2014 Symposium, which explored the connections between the two theological conventions.
  • Hosts its Theology Symposia, the first of which was held it 2015. These take place every two years, alternating with the Patristic Symposia. The inaugural Theology Symposium explored the sacred depths of creation not only from within different disciplines of theology but also different Christian traditions. Its purpose was to contribute to conversations taking place within the broader community regarding our shared responsibility for the planet’s future.
  • Supports its Faculty in their active engagement in research. The individual research projects of the Faculty can be viewed on their respective profile pages.

Indeed, as demonstrated by the various news items on the College website, the Faculty regularly contribute papers to Conferences and Departmental Research Seminars of various tertiary institutions in Australia. Likewise, as evidenced by this website’s ‘News’ and ‘Gallery’ pages, in addition to the St Andrew’s YouTube channel, both national and international scholars visit the College every year. These scholars either offer guest lectures, contribute to the Patristic or Theology Symposia, or participate in Round Table discussions that are also open to the public.

  • Provides its Faculty with the opportunity to have their works published under the aegis of its own publishing house, St Andrew’s Orthodox Press.


To discover more about the research activities St Andrew’s engages in, as well as the research resources and opportunities it provides, visit the following pages: