Academic Transcripts

An academic transcript provides a list of individual units of study that you have completed and the grade earned for each unit. You will receive an official transcript and testamur during the graduation ceremony of the Sydney College of Divinity. Students who have graduated in absentia may arrange to collect their documentation in person from the Registrar at St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College in Redfern. Alternatively, they may request that their documentaion be mailed to them (postage and handling charges will apply). 

Replacement copies of academic transcripts may be purchased by alumni at a cost of $25.00 each and are only available from the Office of the Dean of the Sydney College of Divinity. Please note that the preparation of transcripts takes some time. You should expect to receive your transcript within 5 business days (within Australia) or within 10 business days (overseas).

Order Your Transcript Online OR: Download a printable Transcript Order Form

Academic Records for Current Students

A ‘Summary of Studies Record’ is provided by the Registrar in PDF format to all current students in July and December once numerical marks and final grades have been endorsed by the Academic Board of the Sydney College of Divinity. Copies are freely available upon request.