Attendance and Lecture Etiquette


To complete a unit a student must have been present for at least 80% of all prescribed contact hours, field work and other activities.

  • If you miss classes due to illness you may be required to submit a doctor’s certificate (if possible).
  • If you miss a class for any other reason, please send an explanatory email to your lecturer as a courtesy. Normally a permitted absence is only granted for medical reasons or personal/immediate family emergencies.
  • Lecturers may set work to compensate for missed classes.
  • The responsibility to catch up on class notes, etc, rests with the student.

Lecture Etiquette

  • Please arrive or log in before the class is due to start. Late students are a disruption to the flow of a class.
  • If you are unavoidably detained, text a fellow student, the lecturer, or phone the Registry Office.
  • If you are joining a class by Zoom video conference then let the lecturer know if you are going to be late or absent.
  • Mobile phones are to be turned off or silenced in class. If you anticipate the need to receive a call in an emergency discuss this with the lecturer before class commences.
  • Electronic devices are to be used in class only for lecture notes unless specifically advised by the lecturer. Students using their laptops for playing games, answering email, checking Facebook or other non-study purposes will be asked to turn them off. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave for the remainder of the class.
  • If you are joining a class by Zoom video conference you should ensure that the location you choose to participate in the class from will be conducive to learning and free of distractions to yourself and/or the class (e.g. no background noise, good lighting).