1. Enrolment is the process by which a student nominates the unit(s) selected for study in a given semester.

  2. For new students, enrolment into a unit or units is accompanied by an application for admission into the actual award. This application for admission should be made by contacting the Registrar directly via telephone or email by early December. Late applications received after this time may still be considered but only in consultation with the Registrar and at the discretion of St Andrew’s.

  3. If the application for admission is approved then enrolment takes place in conversation will the Registrar who is responsible for guiding the student’s study pathway.

  4. For continuing students, enrolment into a unit or units for the subsequent academic year normally takes place during December or mid-January.

  5. Tuition fees are charged on a semester basis, as almost all units run for a full semester.

  6. Students wishing to vary their enrolment must consult the Registrar prior to the end of Week 2 of the semester in question.

  7. A unit which is ascribed an Extension (E) grade or an Incomplete (I) grade is considered to be an 'open' unit, with its final mark as yet unresolved. Any remaining assessment task(s) must be completed prior to the commencement of the subsequent semester. If the remaining assessment task(s) are not completed prior to the subsequent semester, then the student's study load for the new semester will be reduced by one (1) unit for each 'open' unit from their previous semester. This reduction in a student's study load may effect eligibility for scholarship assistance provisions offered by St Andrew's and for government student allowance schemes (e.g. Austudy), both of which typically mandate a particular study load. If the student was enrolled in the final semester of their course, then any remaining assessment task(s) must be completed in order for the student to become eligible for graduation.