Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom

This policy is aligned with the requirements of the Higher Education Standards 2015, as amended following the Independent Review of Freedom of Speech in Australian Higher Education Providers (‘The French Report), March 2019.

  1. The Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) supports implementation of the principles of freedom of speech and academic freedom in teaching, research and scholarship associated with the delivery of all its awards, whether coursework or research awards. All SCD staff are required to embrace and enact this principle and to encourage their students to do likewise.
  2. The mission of the SCD concerns the advancement of learning about, research into, and appreciation of Christian tenets and values, and adherence to the academic integrity of the discipline in all areas is regarded as entirely compatible with this mission.
  3. The intentionally ecumenical ethos of the SCD is regarded as supportive of the principle of freedom of speech and academic freedom.
  4. All staff and students are expected to show respect for all Christian traditions.
  5. The SCD will ensure that the staff employed by the SCD and by Member Institutions for the purpose of delivery of SCD awards understand this policy and are equipped to implement it.

See SCD Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom Policy for more information.