Health and Safety Information

St Andrew’s and the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) are committed to an environment that is safe, inclusive and respectful for all students and staff. All members of the SCD community always have a right to feel safe and secure and to be treated with respect and dignity.
The Student Support Officer is the person to contact for health, wellbeing, and safety, concerns and questions. It is important that you know the name and have easy access to the contact details of the Student Support Officer at all times. The Student Support Officer is your point of contact to assist you with:
• health services information
• counselling / chaplaincy services information
• legal services information
• health and safety policies and procedures
• hazard and critical incident reporting
• security and safety concerns
• harassment / inappropriate behavior
The Student Support Officer at St Andrew's is:
The Very Rev'd Father Anastasios Bozikis, Faculty Member
Mobile: 0404 003 903 or abozikis [AT]

 SCD Health and Safety Brochure