Leave of Absence

1.    Leave of absence is when a student takes time off during a course with the intention of resuming study at a later date.

2.    A student who for any reason finds it necessary to take a leave of absence from St Andrew's should provide written notification to the Dean and the Registrar before the commencement of the semester in question. A leave of absence will normally be granted for one semester, up to a total of two semesters. No student may have a leave of absence longer than two semesters during their time at St Andrew's unless the matter has been reviewed by the Faculty Board.

3.    A student who has taken leave for medical or psychological reasons must also offer satisfactory evidence that the condition which led to their request for leave no longer hinders normal progress towards completion of their studies.

4.    After two semesters, re-admission is considered only after the submission of an updated admissions application and, in most cases, a personal interview with the Dean or his representative.