Recognition of Prior Learning

1.    Recognition of prior learning is a form of assessment which matches an applicant’s skills and knowledge with the outcomes of courses or units of courses in an accredited program. This process is sometimes adopted when an applicant does not otherwise satisfy the admissions criteria for a given award, or when the applicant wishes to obtain a certain amount of academic credit and advanced standing within an award.

2.    Applicants are responsible for demonstrating that the skills and knowledge they have obtained through work or life experience, match the outcomes of the units in the accredited program. An RPL application is made by following the Sydney College of Divinity Application for Recognised Prior Learning process, which includes the completion of an application form.

3.    The Student Administration Committee of the Sydney College of Divinity makes a judgment about the extent to which the applicant has demonstrated such a correlation.

Download How to Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (PDF)