Results and Appeals

  1. Results are recorded in line with the policy of the Sydney College of Divinity and released after the approval of its Academic Board (see Important Dates).
  2. A student may appeal against the result given in any item of assessment when he/she believes that some error in grading has been made or when there are concerns about the grade awarded. In the first instance the student would raise this matter with the lecturer concerned within three (3) days of receiving a grade for their assessment task.
  3. After this informal dialogue, if the student still believes there are grounds to appeal, then they may communicate their concern in writing to the Sub-Dean within three (3) days of their last contact with the lecturer concerned.
  4. The Sub-Dean, in consultation with senior Faculty Members, may advise the student that the assessment task be submitted to an appropriately qualified second assessor either internal or external to St Andrew's. In this case, the Registrar will request a clean copy of the assessment task from the student without any identifying markings and will send it to the second assessor for a blind review and recommendation of a mark within seven (7) days. If the second assessor's recommended mark is within 10 marks (when marked out of 100) of the lecturer's original mark then the average of the two marks will be taken as the final mark and the matter will be deemed resolved.
  5. If the second assessor's recommended mark differs by more than 10 marks (when marked out of 100) from the lecturer's original mark then a third and final assessor will be sought by the Sub-Dean, and the same process of blind review will take place within seven (7) days. The marks of the third assessor, second assessor, and the lecturer, will be used to determine an average mark and this will be deemed to be the final mark to resolve the matter.
  6. At each stage of this process, the Registrar will provide updates to the student.
  7. If the student still believes that the actions of St Andrew's are unsatisfactory, then the policies and procedures of the Sydney College of Divinity will apply thereafter and as stated in the document entitled STUDENT GRIEVANCE POLICY AND PROCEDURES.