Revelation, Christology and Grace in Augustine’s Anti-Manichean and Anti-Pelagian Controversies

Joseph Lam Cong Quy, OSA
PhD, Senior Lecturer
Australian Catholic University, Strathfield

Abstract: Revelation is one of the most neglected topics in current Augustinian scholarship. This lack of interest, with an exception of the PhD dissertation by Wolfgang Wieland in 1978, is perhaps the outcome of an unsystematic approach to revelation by Augustine. In contrast to his theology of grace, Augustine’s view on revelation is spread throughout his writings. Clearly, Augustine’s concept of revelation must be discussed together with other theological-moral issues, such as grace, soteriology, free will etc. This paper examines Augustine’s concept of revelation from the background of his anti-Manichean and anti-Pelagian responses. Similar to his theology of grace, Augustine also gradually develops his understanding of revelation from an external-objective to a more inward-performative perspective.