Soteriological Insights in St Athanasius’ On the Incarnation

Philip Kariatlis, ThD
Senior Lecturer and Academic Director
St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College

Abstract: On the Incarnation is often interpreted in such a way that sees the event of Christ’s condescension as sufficient for salvation. Whilst his well-known apophthegm “He [the Son] became human so that we might be made God” might easily suggest this, the work as a whole contains a rich tapestry which comprehends salvation achieved only through the entire salvific economy – namely, his incarnation together with all the saving actions whilst on earth including his death on the cross and his incorruptible resurrection. In attempting to present St Athanasius’ multifaceted vision of salvation, the paper hopes to make a contribution on modern understandings of salvation in systematic theology which tend to isolate different moments.