St Gregory the Theologian's Metanarrative of History, Mario Baghos

Abstract: Faith in Jesus Christ undoubtedly conditioned St Gregory’s view of the historical continuum. In fact, the saint interpreted history through the lens of what we can call a theological metanarrative, a conceptual apparatus with deep existential implications. Exploring some of the orations of St Gregory, this paper will attempt to elicit and construct this metanarrative in order to demonstrate that the Theologian has contributed a vision of history which, having Jesus Christ as its source and final goal, gives order and meaning to what in some historical trends has been viewed as mere chaotic flux.

Bio: Mario Baghos is a PhD candidate in Ancient History at Macquarie University. He is associate lecturer in Church History at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College and his research interests include the city of Constantinople and the history of religions and mentalities.