Students at Risk Policy

When the Academic Boards of Member Institutions approve assessment results in the Sydney College of Divinity Monitoring of Assessment and Results process they will follow three steps:

aIdentify all students who are at risk using the following seven indicators:

  1. Receipt of a Fail or Incomplete grade in more than fifty percent of the credit points for which the student was enrolled in the semester just completed.
  2. Failure by a student to achieve an average mark of fifty or above in the award course in each semester.
  3. Failure twice by a student to pass the same unit of study.
  4. An average attendance record across all units of study below the range 80-85%.
  5. Inability of a student to complete their award course within the maximum permitted time while carrying a normal student load.
  6. Significant negative variations in a student’s academic performance i.e., current performance significantly lower than in previous semesters.
  7. Being involved in academic misconduct

bEnter the details of these students at risk in the Student Progress Alert Report.

cSend all students listed in the Student Progress Alert Report a letter that addresses four issues:

  1. The student’s academic progress is cause for concern;
  2. The criteria used to identify them as a student whose academic progress is cause for concern;
  3. The need to discuss their progress with the Academic Dean or other designated officer


Students whose names appear on the Student Progress Alert Report in any three semesters may be asked to show good cause why they should be permitted to continue in the award course.