Provisional Entry

1.    Admission to any Sydney College of Divinity undergraduate course on the basis of ‘mature age’ or ‘special entry’, or entry into the Master of Arts by way of a Vocational Graduate Certificate is considered a provisional admission, and requires special procedures.

3.    Those seeking admission into an undergraduate course under Mature Age or Special Entry provisions may be required to complete an entrance test (e.g. short assignment, online test)

3.    Students with provisional status shall be required to complete a ‘Qualifying Period’, whilst being permitted to enrol provisionally for the award.

4.    The ‘Qualifying Period’ may be undertaken full or part-time and the number of years spent in completing it shall be counted towards the maximum term for completion of the award.

5.    The ‘Qualifying Period’ shall consist of the successful completion of a 1/3 of the units that make up the award.

6.    The maximum time allowed for the completion of the ‘Qualifying Period’ shall be three years.

7.    Upon the successful completion of 1/3 of the units that make up the award, the provisional status of enrolment will be lifted.