Master of Arts



Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF):                      

Level 9

Entry Requirements:                     

Category 1: an AQF Level 8 award in the discipline of theology (e.g. Graduate Certificate in Arts); or

Category 2: a three-year bachelor award (AQF Level 7) in the discipline of theology.


Category 1: 1 year full-time or up to 3 years part-time.

Category 2: 1½ years full-time or 4½ years part-time. 


Annual only. Please check the website for ‘Important Dates’.


Category 1: 8 units (72 credit points)

Category 2: 12 units (108 credit points)

The course may be taken with or without a specialisation.  A specialisation in the MA comprises 54 credit points in a Discipline with at least two 9600 level units.

For Category 2 candidates, the MA has nested within it the Graduate Certificate in Arts and the Graduate Diploma of Arts:

Graduate Certificate in Arts requires 4 units (36 credit points)

Graduate Diploma of Arts requires 8 units (72 credit points)         

Enrolment Options:       

On-Campus Weekly Lectures: full time and part time study available

Distance Education (Online): part time study available

Exit Points:                        

Category 1 candidates:

Graduate Diploma of Arts (36 credit points);

Master of Arts (72 credit points)

Category 2 candidates:

Graduate Certificate in Arts (36 credit points);

Graduate Diploma of Arts (72 credit points);

Master of Arts (108 credit points)            

English Proficiency:                       

Applicants whose entry qualifications were obtained in an institution where English is not the language of instruction normally require a minimum International English Language Testing System (IELTS, or equivalent) score of 7.0 in all bands of the ‘academic format’ of the test.

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   Available Units (2016):

Semester 1

A8520A Introduction to New Testament Greek

B8520A Introduction to the Old Testament

C8546A Pastoral Counselling in Ministry

H8510A The Early Church

H9631A Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Arts and Architecture

L8501A Introducing Christian Worship

P8577A Clinical Pastoral Education 1 (18)

T8501A Introducing Theology

T8581A Church Fathers: An Introduction

T9683A Exploring the Philokalia

X----- Generic Unit or Research Methodology Unit (with permission)

Semester 2

A8570A New Testament Greek

B8530A Introduction to the New Testament

B9657A Lukan Literature

H8530A Byzantine Studies

H9632A Byzantine Hagiography

P8501A Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology

P8577A Clinical Pastoral Education 1 (18) cont.

T8517A Ecclesiology

T9685A Patristic Perspectives on Science and Theology

Special Online Unit (with visiting Professor Johannes Zacchuber)

T9610A The Patristic Tradition and Classical Philosophy
(includes compulsory residential school, 25-27 July 2016)

X----- Generic Unit (with permission)