Chapel Participation

1.    Corporate worship in Chapel is the very heart of College life. Of course, by virtue of their respective programs of study, different categories of students will have different opportunities to participate in services.

2.    During Semester: Participation in the daily, weekly and annual cycle of services is the first spiritual obligation of every student – particularly those who are studying full-time and have declared their intention to prepare for the priesthood. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Theology are expected to take an active part in reading, chanting and serving, since this will make up part of their Liturgical Studies assessment. In view of the importance of all aspects of worship within the College itself and Orthodox life as a whole, each undergraduate student’s participation will be regularly reviewed by the Chaplain. Students in all other courses of study are invited to attend and participate at Chapel whenever they are on campus and as their timetable schedule permits.

Chapel services:     

Mornings (Mon-Fri)            8.30am-9:15am

Afternoons (Mon-Thu)        4:30pm-5:15pm

3.    During Residential Schools: Students are invited to attend chapel as often as possible. Services are held daily for students according to their timetable schedule.

4.    All students are expected to share in the liturgical life of the community under the guidance of a spiritual father and to aspire to lead a sacramental life with regular reflection upon the Holy Scriptures.