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December 25th or January 7th? Why Do Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas on Different Days?

by Very Revd Fr Anastasios Bozikis (Associate Lecturer in Church History)

As we approach the end of the year and the great Feast of Christmas, Orthodox Christians in Australia will be celebrating the birth of our common Saviour on different days. Along with Christians of other traditions, Orthodox of Greek, Lebanese or Romanian extraction will be commemorating the Nativity on December 25 but those of North Macedonian, Russian or Serbian descent will be marking the Feast on January 7, thirteen days later. Quite apart from differences in language, customs and administrative structures amongst the Orthodox in this country, the disparity between our liturgical calendars...

Icons: Windows into Eternity

By Associate Professor Philip Kariatlis (Sub-Dean)

During the month of October, and more specifically on the Sunday that falls between the 11th and 17th of this month, the Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council (787AD)—those luminary witnesses to our faith in Jesus Christ our risen Lord—who triumphantly proclaimed the propriety of venerating icons. Far from simply being illustrative and historical representations of Christ and his ministry, or portraits of saintly men and women who lived a Christ-centred life all those years or centuries ago, icons bring us before—namely they make present—those who are depicted...

Theology, Life & Love: Their Inseparable Connection

by Archbishop Makarios of Australia

It is with sentiments of great spiritual joy and satisfaction that St Andrew’s Theological College launches this wonderful initiative titled the ‘Theology and Life’ Blog, which will contain a series of brief articles, on a more popular level, written by different members of our Faculty. The underlying hope is that these will be for the edification of all those seeking to learn about the Orthodox Christian faith—her teachings, as these have been revealed in the Scriptures and in the Church’s doctrine; her history throughout the centuries; her services and sacraments; her Fathers and saints, who have kept alive the light of Christ throughout the centuries creating a light-filled pathway for the faithful today to encounter Christ. The hope is that this initiative...