2011 St Andrew's Patristic Symposium

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St Andrew's 3rd Patristic Symposium
'St Gregory of Nyssa'

Officially opened by His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos of Australia and college dean on 31 August 2011, the symposium was convened every Wednesday subsequently for five weeks finishing on 28 September 2011The theme of this year’s Symposium was ‘St Gregory of Nyssa’, and was convened by the Very Revd Dr Doru Costache and Dr Philip Kariatlis (Academic Director and Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, St Andrew’s). Gifted scholars from amongst both the faculty of St Andrew’s and the broader academic community were given the opportunity to contribute fresh insights into Nyssen’s thought and legacy. The keynote papers were delivered by Dr Anna M. Silvas FAHA (UNE, Armidale NSW) and Dr Bronwen Neil (ACU, Brisbane QLD).

Within the context of the Symposium, Dr Philip Kariatlis launched his new book 'The Church as Koinonia: Gift and Goal of Communion' based on his doctoral dissertation. To purchase the book, click here.

Select proceedings from this Symposium have been published as peer reviewed journal articles in St Andrew's Theological Review, Phronema 27:2 (2012). This issue of Phronema was edited by the Symposium's convenors, and its contents can be viewed in Phronema.

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Convened by:

Very Rev. Dr Doru Costache and Dr Philip Kariatlis

Symposium Program

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We welcome presentations from the different disciplines of Christian theology interested in further reflecting on this central doctrine of the Church, irrespective of their field of expertise, academic affiliations or denominational background. Indeed, it is hoped that this cross-disciplinary approach (whether this be systematic theology, patristics, ethics, biblical studies, church history, liturgics, etc) will contribute by casting further light - indeed a more enriching and holistic perspective - to this most significant Christian teaching.


Keynote Speakers

Dr Anna M. Silvas FAHA

Keynote Address:
"Recovering Gregory of Nyssa's Lost Letter to the Monk Philip: Threading the Way Between the Greek, the Latin and the Syriac" (1h 1min)


Dr Bronwen Neil

Keynote Address:
"Divine Providence in Gregory of Nyssa and his Theological Milieu" (42 min)



31 August 2011

His Eminence Archbishop STYLIANOS of Australia

Opening Welcome (10mins)

Dr Anna M. Silvas FAHA (keynote paper)

Recovering Gregory of Nyssa's Lost Letter to the Monk Philip: Threading the Way Between the Greek, the Latin and the Syriac (Keynote Paper)  (61mins)

Book Launch of Dr Philip Kariatlis' Church as Communion: The Gift and Goal of Koinonia (24mins)

published by ATF Press and St Andrew's Orthodox Press

7 September 2011

Dr Margaret Beirne

Spiritual Enrichment through Exegesis: St Gregory of Nyssa and the Scriptures (38mins)

Dr Ken Parry

Gregory of Nyssa and the Legacy of Universal Salvation in the Christian East (35mins)

Questions & Answers (11mins)

14 September 2011

Capt. Adam Couchman

'No Longer Slave Nor Free': The Theological Foundations of Gregory of Nyssa's Polemic Against Slavery (39mins)

21 September 2011

Rev. Alan Galt

What it Means to be Human: St Gregory of Nyssa and Pastoral Ministry Today (34mins)

Mr Mario Baghos

Apokatastasis in the Catechetical Oration of St Gregory of Nyssa: From Incarnation to Baptism and Beyond (31mins)

28 September 2011

Dr Bronwen Neil (keynote paper)

Divine Providence in Gregory of Nyssa and his Theological Milieu (Keynote Paper) (42mins)

Handout (80 KB)

Rev. Dr Doru Costache

Approaching St Gregory of Nyssa's Apology of the Hexaemeron: Further Insights into the Cappadocian Views on Creation (43mins)

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