The College buildings include:

•    19 dormitory bedrooms (with separate amenities block)
•    Chapel Room and 2 classrooms (to seat 12 students each)
•    1 audiovisual room (to seat 12 students)
•    Registry office
•    Office rooms for faculty members
•    Student computer room
•    Kitchen and refectory (with separate amenities block)
•    Library (with internet access and Wi-Fi)                
•    Main Hall (to seat 200 persons)
•    Rumpus/TV room               

Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus. St Andrew's is also able to make use of the facilities that belong to the Archdiocesan Offices and the Cathedral of the Annunciation, such as the Church Hall (to seat 200 persons), Boardroom (to seat 16 people), and Book Centre.