Research Overview

St Andrew’s aspires to be a leading centre for research and scholarship in Orthodox theology.

The College is committed to the set of research values which it shares with the Sydney College of Divinity.

As demonstrated by the various news items on the College website, the Faculty regularly contribute papers to Conferences and Departmental Research Seminars of various tertiary institutions in Australia. Likewise, as evidenced by this website’s ‘News’ and ‘Gallery’ pages, in addition to the St Andrew’s YouTube channel, both national and international scholars visit the College every year. These scholars either offer guest lectures, contribute to the Patristic or Theology Symposia, or participate in Round Table discussions that are also open to the public.

To discover more about the research activities St Andrew’s engages in, as well as the research resources and opportunities it provides, visit the following pages:


Our Faculty

St Andrew's Supports its Faculty in their active engagement in research. Our Faculty regularly contribute papers to conferences and Departmental Research Seminars of various tertiary institutions in Australia. The individual research projects of the Faculty can be viewed on their respective profile pages.

St Andrew's also Provides its Faculty with the opportunity to have their works published under the aegis of its own publishing house, St Andrew’s Orthodox Press. As the only Eastern Orthodox Theological college in Australia with civil accreditation, St Andrew’s strives to bring an Orthodox Christian presence to the Australian theological scene as a whole.

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St Andrew's Publishes its own peer-reviewed, bi-annual journal, Phronema. The Journal features both local and international contributions from scholars in the fields of Patristic Studies, Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, Church History, Biblical Studies and Ancient Languages. Since 2010, the second issue of each yearly volume has been dedicated to proceedings from the Symposia held by the College.


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Theology Symposia

St Andrew's Hosts its Theology Symposia, the first of which was held in 2015.

The Late Archbishop Stylianos, College Dean, gave His blessing so that the St Andrew's Patristic Symposia, which have become biennial events, will alternate with the new Theology Symposia, also biennial. Beginning in 2015, Dr Philip Kariatlis, Senior Lecturer in Theology, convened the first Theology Symposium. The rationale behind this choice is the need to give a fuller account of Orthodoxy's treasures, which encompass both past and present witnesses.

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Patristic Symposia

St Andrew's Hosts its Patristic Symposia which were inaugurated in 2009 and originally took the form of a series of scholarly lectures delivered annually throughout the month of September, two every week. Since 2012, the annual symposia adopted the form of regular, two-day conferences. In the wake of the sixth edition (2014), the conference has become biennial.

From the outset, the symposia proved to be an open space for crossdisciplinary approaches to the patristic phenomenon, and so they remain.

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Our Library

The library was established with the opening of St Andrew's in February 1986. In September 1995 the library moved to its new premises. Since the move, new chairs, study carrels, computer terminals, a serials display stand, reception table and loans desk have been added, custom-made to suit the refined and academic atmosphere of the library. 

The collection currently consists of over 16,000 monographs and 200 periodicals available in English and Greek with specialisation in (Greek) Patristic texts, Eastern Orthodox doctrine and spirituality, and Byzantine Music transcripts.

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