Residential Life

In terms of dormitory residency, St Andrew's may provide free room and board to single male full time study applicants who have discussed the prospect of theological studies with their local bishop and thereafter completed an interview process with the Registrar. A subsequent interview with the Dean and other members of the Faculty Board may also be required. Such applicants will also be required to provide a copy of their Certificate of Baptism.

All students residing within the dormitory are engaged in full-time theological study and reflection.

No residential student may undertake employment of any sort without the express knowledge and permission of the Dean.

The College feels responsible for the well-being, safety and good progress of each student. All resident students must observe a 9:30pm curfew during weeknights and 11:00pm during weekends. Exceptions to this, with valid reason, must be referred to the resident Chaplain.

A refundable bond of $120 applies to all dormitory room keys.

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