Archbishop Stylianos

Archbishop Stylianos – Pastor, Theologian, Poet. Edited by Vassilis Adrahtas, Mario Baghos, and Philip Kariatlis. Sydney: St Andrew's Orthodox Press, 2020.


“Stylianos of Australia was a genuine pastor, who affectionally cared for his flock, for the building up of Christ, for the youth and their education, for the elderly and their support. His distinctive characteristic as bishop and shepherd was the source of inspiration for his theology … [and he] was a talented poet, sensitive, with acute intuition for what is beautiful and for the depth and meaning of reality.”

  • From the Message of His All-Holiness Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch.

“With this publication, which constitutes a tangible manifestation of our love and gratitude … we honour a pastor of discernment, who led souls to Christ with wisdom … we commemorate a mighty theologian, who left his indelible mark upon theological literature and ecumenical dialogue. We acknowledge a sensitive poet who demonstrated that it is only tolerance, compassion, and love towards fellow human beings that constitutes the fullness of crucified love, professed by the Orthodox tradition, and yields spiritual fruits when conceived ecclesially and eschatologically. Lastly, we call to mind the outcome of the way of life of a Cretan bishop, who honoured his origins, put forward the greatness of his homeland, where he was born and raised, and preserved our cultural identity in the blessed land of Australia.”

  • From the Preface by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia

About the Editors

Dr Vassilis Adrahtas lectures on Islamic Studies at Western Sydney University and Ancient Greek Religion and Myth at the University of NSW

Dr Mario Baghos is Lecturer in Theology (Patristics) and Church History at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College

Dr Philip Kariatlis is Sub-Dean and Associate Professor in Theology at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College