Phronema Volume 36:2, 2021

Phronema Volume 36:2, 2021

Editor, Prof. Angelo Karantonis

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Editorial vii
Competing for the Crown: Tertullian, Montanism and “Voluntary Martyrdom” Revisited, Bernard Doherty 1
Racism or Equality? The Portrayal of Ethiopians in the Desert Fathers, Serafim Seppälä 33
In Likeness and Commemoration: Pseudo-Sāwīrus Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ on Sacred Images, Shady Kiryakos Nessim 55
Aspects of the Byzantine Literary Appropriation of Classical Culture, Chris Baghos 83
Eugenios Voulgaris and Nikodemos the Hagiorite: Two Cases of the Interface between Neo-Hellenic Orthodox Theology and Secularisation, Vassilis Adrahtas 113
Book Review 135
Contributors 157
Information for Authors 159


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