Emeritus Professor Markos Orphanos, distinguished scholar of Patristic Theology at the University of Athens, slept in the Lord on December 29th, 2013, and was buried in the city of Kalamata (Greece), not far from his birthplace of Koroni.

He completed his first degree at the University of Athens and during his early career was a teacher in the region of Messenia (South-western Peloponnese) as well as serving as a lay preacher and personal secretary to the late Metropolitan of Messenia, Chrysostomos Daskalakis (1945-1961). He went on to further studies at the universities of Oxford, Heidelberg, Münster, and Bonn. He was appointed as a professor at the University of Athens where he taught Patristic Theology, Hagiology, Dogmatics, Homiletics and Literature for more than three decades. From 1999 – 2010 he served as President of the Panhellenic Association of Theologians (Πανελλήνιος Ένωσις Θεολόγων). In his later years he was a visiting Professor of Patristics at the University of Balamand, and it was around this time that he also began his association with St Andrew’s Theological College which would last for eight years (1995 – 2002).

In this regard, his love towards our Theological College was truly moving. Despite the great distance, he made the journey to Australia every year to deliver lectures in Patristic Theology in his trademark three-piece tweed suit and jovial ‘Greek-Oxfordian’ accent. Without doubt he left an indelible mark on St Andrew’s. Both staff and students were greatly enriched by his presence during this time. Indeed his commitment to pedagogy, erudite scholarship and amiable personality quickly won the love and respect of all.

His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos of Australia, our College Dean, had a particularly longstanding and unwavering friendship with the late Professor, having recognised his rare qualities and modesty from their earliest encounters.  In 2001, His Eminence bestowed the Gold Cross of St Andrew to Professor Orphanos in recognition of his exceptional service to the Theological College.

All who knew him remain grateful for his personal warmth of character and invaluable contribution to the life of our Theological College and pray for the repose of his soul. May his memory be eternal.